Tuesday 7 March 2017

Windorah outback Queensland near the SA and NSW border

 4wd ambulance was the only way to get around

 These poor buggers had to walk around in PPE in 44 deg C and invaded with pesky flies

 It might be a 4wd but that didnt stop me getting stuck bogged down in a sand pit
 Barren landscape for the most part

 Catching up with the troops in the middle of nowhere
 One of my colleagues in another ambulance
 Native Emu birds
 My colleague and I parked on a hill
 This truck has equipment for measuring sezmic activity
 A welcome BBQ dinner
 It wasnt uncommon to reach 45 deg during the day. Even the vehicle air con couldn't keep up
 Parked on the hill waiting for something to happen
 Fly out time from a remote airfield
 They made their own roads here
 The fleet parked up after a heavy tropical downpour
 The makeshift camp
 Overlooking the camp
 Our wee clinic and office. Thank goodness for air con
 One of the crews out doing surveys. They would walk around 30+ km every day in the heat
 Cocktail anyone?
 Wild camels
 Hometime. Heading to the airport on the 2 hour drive
 Another time I got the ambulance bogged
The farming landscape
Dusty Roads & rattly ambulances
Looking down at the campsite
 The mobile vehicle workshop
 Just cruisin
 Amazing sunsets